Individual Cosplays

Our Mission

Every cosplayer is unique, and requires a unique approach.

At HCWC, we want to tell the whole story of your cosplay. Every element of the character is meticulously researched to create the best poses and environment to create the best photos possible.

We implore you to look around and see what is possible with HCWC.

Posing Worksheet

Don't know how to pose your character?

Concerned that you are not going to get the "look" right?

Before every shoot, we create a posing worksheet is to make sure our Clients are in the right poses to create the best experience possible for your cosplay.

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All shooting packages come with composition options.

Our team utilizes several software programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create compositions of our clients selected photos. This can be simple such as changing the skin tone to more match the cosplay, or add other elements such as Mechs, explosions, or environments.

With Composition, anything is possible.