Welcome to the first step on your photography adventure

Welcome to the HCWC blog. Here, we will be discussing a multitude of different things involving cosplay and photography. Everything from What to bring to your shoot to model/likeness copyright to Con life.

As the Creative director here at HCWC, I will be writing most of the articles. However, I will have guest bloggers occasionally to break up the monotony, and get others points of view.

My goal with this blog is to have both seasoned and not-so-seasoned cosplayers have a better understanding of the creative journey of a cosplay photoshoot. I know that shoots can be intimidating at first, but they should also be an adventure. A shoot with a good photographer can be your first step into a whole different world, where you see a whole different side to your cosplay.

Even if you do not have any objective of getting a photoshoot with us here at HCWC, I hope that the information that we bring to light here helps you on your photography adventure. Because we want everyone to be able to celebrate their fandom in cosplay.